Joooooooooooooooooon!!! (29th)

Ba-Boom! And so we land in June. This month’s line-up promises to be more fun than a rainy night and less bad for your skin than a sunny day.
Come hither!!!
We’ve got:

Graham Milton “Graham Milton is the embodiment of abject disappointment, long-term pessimism and utter hopelessness. Which makes him one of my favourite acts on the circuit. Brilliantly acerbic. Laden with pathos. Overwhelmingly human” –Artificial Light Comedy, Coventry

Brennan Reece “Rabble-rousing, a triumph of performance’–Chortle

Jack Lewis Evans ‘Jack Evans meanders through a labyrinth of his own mind’s making, plucking out obscure historical references, zeitgeisty phenomena and Eastern European folk tales. He is a comic like no other operating out of the Northwest at the moment; a gangly, ginger Tony Law beckoning you to follow him down his dark path. You really should – you’ll like what you find.’ – The Skinny


Allyson June Smith ‘Allyson is yet another hilarious Canadian with great hair’–Stewart Francis

Hosted by Kate McCabe

£2 in or FREE with student card

June 2015

June 2015


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