March 2016

Sidekick’s March Show Is An Embarrassment Of Hilarity:

Per usual, the idiots at Sidekick Comedy are bringing you an absolute mess-pile of amazing acts for a far too low price…a ridiculous £2 or even worse, FREE with a student ID.

Is this how you run a business?

Not only do they have the amusements of the off-the wall double act, Water Closet, they have Kieran Lawless on the bill…an Irish charmer who has won the hearts of so many Mancunians. Look at his face! Then there’s Beckie Fox, a newcomer to the comedy scene who is making a second appearance at Sidekick! A new comic and fresh voice…trying NEW material? That’s just stupid. And don’t get me started on James Meehan. This handsome buffoon is the icing on the cake. Not only is he part of Chortle award-winning sketch troupe, Gein’s Family Giftshop, but he’s one of comedy’s sharpest voices.

I can’t even.

On top of all this, there’s the ‘Be My Soulmate’ quiz. They give the winner a prize! A genuine prize! Prizes cost money!

Most disgusting of all, you get there….and there’s candy everywhere. Just…to eat.

Ugh. We’ll see you there at this stupidly fun shit show of a business model.

Hosted by Kate McCabe.

Sidekick March 2016


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