October 2015

Hi Everyone!  Isn’t autumn great? Halloween costumes. Pumpkin spice added to everything.  Plants dying. It’s a great time of year.

Per usual, Sidekick has gone out of its way to bring you a fantastic line-up.  On Monday the 26th, we’ll see the comedy chops of:

Dave Williams:  A master jokesmith and one of the circuit’s top emcees.  I mean…he’s  not compering the night or anything. I’m still doing that.  I’m just saying. That’s a cool thing to be. Like, a good reputation to have, right?  You gotta be in fighting form to control some rooms.  Anyway. He’s funny. You’ll love him.

Matt Fong:  You may recognize this upstart from Blind Date. A cheeky son of a bustard (I don’t know…I just didn’t want to say ‘gun’ there ok? A bustard is a carrion-eating bird, in case you were wondering), he’s hit his comedy stride recently.


Cheekykita:  How do you describe this one woman clown show?  You don’t. You just are going to have to come and see for yourself. She’s one of our favorites.

Come See

Sidekick October


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